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Episode 34
August 06, 2010 12:30 PM PDT
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One for the cause of every American Free Speech. Ed and Reap take on the topic of The First Amendment how some people like to Hack er' up and how it has effected the Internet and more.

Episode 33
July 07, 2010 11:43 PM PDT
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Your investigative and truth seeking hosts Reap Sow and Ed Craft share an interesting show with their guest Dr. Brandy Stark, Ph.D. on the topics of Religion and Faking Ghost Photos.

This is a show that is a very interesting one for those who thing that a Ph.D. is the end all be all of debates, as our guest avoids just that.

Dr. Starks background is in Religious Studies, Humanities, History, Classics (Degrees earned are to the post-graduate level; currently a PhD candidate/ABD. Working on dissertation). Research/paper emphasis on the role of ghosts in culture/religion/society; PhD and post-graduate training in Quantitative and Qualitative research (Dissertation is a qualitative study of the role of [the study of] world religions as producing social, educational, and economic capital).

"I don't really "see" the dead but through my interaction on over 400 investigations in 12 years, I have had enough contact to believe that there is something else out there (about 20 - 25 cases stand out). One of my first non-investigation contacts was with my grandmother on the night she died (smell of flowers, sense of extreme serentity, knew that she died, knew she was OK; four hours later I was told about her death)."

Episode 32
June 19, 2010 11:42 PM PDT
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Your Hosts Ed Craft & Reap Sow welcome special guest Scott Gruenwald, reluctantly. As Ed and Reap banter back and forth, they are met with the worst guest yet. The host the Paranormal STU. We highly recommend that YOU DO NOT waste your time by checking out this sad and pathetic show that is hosted by this episodes guest.

However, if you are prepared for madness and mayhem, then put your trays in the upright position and your seats in the "laid" back position, as we take you on a "walk on the wild side."

Episode 31
June 10, 2010 11:56 PM PDT
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Reap Sow and Ed Craft are joined by their special guest the Minister Phibes. The good Minister chats with the devilish duo about what he considers to be the sins of the world and the evils that man has brought down upon himself by allowing women to be seen as equals, believing that gays should have rights, and the horrors of the both the Jews and African Americans.

The Minister Phibes also offered up his very own special brand of "Christian Rock Rap" and attempted to perform the first on air exorcism of the "demons" that possess the "soul" of our very own Reap Sow.

Episode 30
June 04, 2010 11:43 AM PDT
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"Just when you think it is safe to go back into the water." Well, guess what? It isn't, and that is our major topic for this week's episode.

Ed and Reap discuss 8 major rip offs, the take off of technology, & even immigration, but when it comes to the major topic of this show. The issue of the day is one that effects us all. It is one that even effect our wildlife and our food supply.

If the name of our show ever had a very serious meaning the BP oil spill is it. It is one that we should all dread in the very serious meaning of the word, with the word dread not one being used here as a plug or advertisement, but one with very serious consequences, dangers and fears.

Episode 29
May 27, 2010 07:47 PM PDT
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DREAD!!! We call it that for a reason. If you are going to claim to offer people the truth, than put up or shut up, Tonya Hacker of the Ghost Divas. This episode focuses on the latest attempt of Tonya Hacker, one of the hosts of Ghost Divas Live, to generate more drama based on NON-FACT. That is right folks, Tonya Hacker has been called out by one of DREAD Radio's host's Reap Sow, who Tonya Hacker has made harse false claims against involving his wife and children. Not to mention, his history with the law, one that he as made public many times and is NOT what Tanya Hacker claims it to be.

The facts in this show are varifiable through public records, regarding the legal issues, and DREAD Radio host Ed Craft was a first hand eye witness to Tonya Hacker's false claims of Reap having abused his girlfriend Polly and being a bad parent. Ed and his fiance have spent may hours and evenings with Reap and his family and attested to the true nature of his character.

This show is a very heated one, but is one that offers our listeners..."The Real Truth!" Ms. Tonya Hacker, If you are going to talk smack, at least get the facts right. We offer Ms. Tonya Hacker an open invitation to be a guest on our show at any time to state her views and oppinions regarding the views and statements made during this show. We here at DREAD Radio actually DO "practice what we preach," and offer everyone a chance to give their side of the story live on air.

Episode 28
May 20, 2010 08:53 PM PDT
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Your hosts Ed Craft & Reap Sow had a great time discussing Direct Voice Communication with their guest Carly Rose Singer. The conversation was not your typical boring ol' interview about what is this or what do you do? Instead it was a fun and delightful look a the real person behind the "para"normal investigator.

The show touched on the troubles that face the modern investigator and the sad state of what has become of today's "we want drama" crowd of thrill seekers that have been attracted to the field vs. those who used to be in it for the "Real Truth."

Episode 27
May 20, 2010 08:40 PM PDT
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Open Topic Night were we cover everything from the hilarious attempt at media play with the "para"normal to Magic Tricks to show just how easy it is to manipulate the facts. We also discuss some of the individuals that give the field a bad name, like Mr. Donald Ryles, Robbie Thomas, and Sylvia Brown, to name a few.

Episode 26
May 07, 2010 01:04 AM PDT
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The contents and media in this episode is intended and directed towards mature audiences, those with a sense of humor, and those with common sense.

This week the show begins with Reap discussing Psychic Fakes, Robbie Thomas, and the State of the "Para"normal. It ends up with Ed discussing the latest "Mysterious" wave of UFO sightings that just "happen" to have started on following Stephen Hawking's public talk on the topic of aliens.

This show is a real Roller Coaster of radical and fun all rolled into one.

Episode 25
April 30, 2010 12:27 PM PDT
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This week Reap and Ed take the time to bring to everyone's attention the latest rip off artist to hit the "para"normal scene. "Dr." Donald Ryles, "Ph.D." who claims to literally do everything, the entire time bleeding people dry of their hard earned money. He even makes claims of Military style Remote Viewing, who anyone listening to this archive can discover for themselves is out right false. Simple listen to our prior episode with our guest Lyn Buchanan, the REAL military remote view involved with "Project Stargate" to which Ryles makes claim reference to in order sell his product.

But, this is only one of the many absurd and contradictory statements and claims made by this man. Tune into this show for a taste of some of his many was to remove you from your money. In the interest of honesty and a willingness to present both sided of the picture in a fair and truthful manner, Mr. Ryles was invited on many occasions to appear on this show to present his side of the story and declined on all occasions.

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